Since it’s #throwbackthursday I thought I’d throw it back to a couple of weeks ago when #blacklivesmatter was trending across the internet. Remember, this is not a moment. It’s a movement. 

And, within this movement, there are many Black sub-groups fighting to be seen, heard and protected like Black women, Black girls, and Black trans whose murderers are seldom brought to justice because society has not yet made as big of a deal about their lives being taken.

Statistics have shown Black prisoners, our Black elders, and Black doctor’s lives have been disproportionately lost during the COVID-19 pandemic. Not to mention the school-to-prison-pipeline system that Black students are up against daily (which is one more reason why we need to defund the police ) causing severe trauma, stress, and increased drop-out rates.

And, let’s not forget the children like twelve-year-old Tamir Rice (and countless others) who was on the playground, being a kid, playing with a toy gun that, on-site, police officers immediately murdered without thinking twice, without trying to talk to him, without viewing him as a threat because of the color of his skin, without considering that he was a CHILD (which is one more reason we need to defund the police).

We need to make sure White Supremacy is seen as more than a hate crime, that codes put in place to protect them are dismantled. This behavior deeply rooted in racism can undoubtedly be traced to a vast amount of police officers. These atrocities must be viewed for what they are; terrorist attacks against Black people (Tulsa Massacre, Rosewood Massacre, Hurricane Katrina…), and the world must verbally, politically oppose the seeds of injustice by burning old systems to the ground in exchange for a better, brighter America.

We must be in it for the long-haul, educate ourselves, remain united, hold one another up, bear one another burdens.  We cannot get tired. We must acknowledge that all Black lives matter, move forward, and never go back to the way things were.

Side note* Tamir would have been eighteen to day, he would have been graduating with the class of 2020.

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