People have been telling women to stay in their place, their lane, hide or dim their light since forever and women have been saying Hell No, fighting for basic human rights then and now.

Look, women and in particular, Black women are doing the dang thang right now (not that we haven’t always been but now everyone knows what we’ve known from the jump.  Our spectrum is wide and we are not one thing, nor do we do, master one thing but many, including intelligent, philosophical, theological, political, emotional, practical, conversations.  Shout out to all the women who came before us, our ancestors.  Here we pay homage and honor them while lifting up and encouraging the here and now.

Full-Time Woman celebrates around the way women who don’t always color within the lines or stay in their lane because, their too busy being phenomenal, breaking barriers, working in and outside of the home, in their community, bringing home the bacon, frying it up in the pan, giving you that non-sugar coated truth serum you might not like but without a doubt need and always leading with love…But, it’s not all roses and doesn’t come without opposition be it systems, men and yes, even other women.

This is real women, real life, real talk.

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