Gratitude Day 13: Laughter

Laughter is good medicine~

My family and I love to laugh.  Everyone in our household has their comedic moments where we’re sitting in silence and someone says something off the wall, the rest of us look at each other like, what did they just say and bust out laughing to the point where even the one who said the questionable thing has joined in.  I’d say we are a real-life version of The Cosby Show, My Wife & Kids, and Blackish. 

Our laughter is most enjoyable when we’ve had a rough day, received bad news or we’re just a little too serious.  I remember after Batman, The Dark Knight came out.  (Two of my children are comic nerds. They can’t stand sitting next to me in the movie theater because I ask too many questions). We all thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated the movie but Heath Ledger’s portrayal of the Joker was exceptional.

One day we’re having a family discussion about housework, I’m going on and on, upset about them not doing their chores and my younger son says, “Why so serious?”  I looked at him, everyone has this smirk on their faces like they want to laugh but they don’t know if it’s safe because they don’t want mom to go off but mom can’t even contain herself.  Holding our stomachs, gasping for air, breathing like we were experiencing Braxton Hicks, making loud noises, with tears streaming down our faces we completely lost ourselves in that moment and the meeting was over and it was joyous and lovely. It was the best medicine.

I wish you lots of joy and laughter today.

Writing Prompt: Think about a moment that made you laugh uncontrollably.

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