Unexpected Blessings

Unexpected blessings are like little surprises! That’s how I’d like to describe November 2019 to now. From your hard work has finally paid off, business is booming, traveling for work, meeting new people, shedding unhealthy relationships, being invited to the table, to having everything shut down, struggling with depression, experiencing the anxiety, anger and unrest of a racial war against Black and Brown bodies, fearing for my children, my husband, fearing death, losing loved ones, seeing and accepting others for who they really are, rapid weight-gain, to spending quality time with my family, remaining employed, buying a home ten years after losing one to foreclosure, being offered a seat at the table, finding friendships and accomplices in unsuspected people, walking away from things that threaten my peace, standing in my truth, using my voice, securing the bag, drowning out the noise, learning and trying new things, leaning in, laughing A LOT, letting go, dying my hair blonde again, choosing joy, leading with love and exploring forgiveness, keeping songs of adoration in my heart, on my lips, lifting up praise to God, releasing melodic sounds into the atmosphere, and dancing to abstract rhythms under blue skies. All of these unexpected blessings irrigated the soil of my soul, quenching hidden dry places and for that I’m grateful.

What unexpected blessings have you experienced?

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