FTW at Christmas Time

I don’t know about you but I’ve been working from home so long that it’s become blurred with sheltering in place. I used to have this routine that involved doing my hair, putting on makeup, and getting completely dressed for work, heels, and all (I love cute shoes). Now I dress from the waist up one to two days a week, maybe.

I’ll be honest when the pandemic first hit I was happy to stay home. Work was non-stop and intense. I’m pretty sure I was working sixty-plus hours a week, getting little sleep, and eating the wrong foods on the go. So, those first two weeks, I literally did nothing.

I run a non-profit with a very small staff so I’m used to working from home but not being at home if that makes sense. Meetings, traveling, teaching, networking, and collaboration are a big part of what I do, and what was usually done outside of my home is now done via Zoom or Google Meets. Of course, I still take care of my personal hygiene (and I hope you do too), and since the salons opened back up I’ve been seeing my stylist like a much-needed therapy session.

Sweats, crocs, loose t-shirts, and no bra when I can get away with it have become my preferred wardrobe (can I get a witness?). I’m becoming a professional at shopping, banking, and doing everything else online. There are plenty of home projects for me to complete so unless I’m going to the grocery store or the hair salon, there’s no need to go outside which is unfortunate because I bought a butt load of heels in December 2019 (did I mention how much I love a cute shoe?).

Needless to say, sheltering in place has us all home with plenty of time to think and deal with ourselves, family, friends, insecurities, and whatnot, which can be a lot to work through for some people, might be a little depressing and, if you’re not careful, can take you down a dark rabbit hole.

In an effort to keep my canvas lit like a Thomas Kinkade painting, I’ve been spending more time in prayer (maybe that’s meditation for you), enjoying quality family time, game nights, baking, journaling, writing, and laughing.

However, I’ve been closed off from the rest of the world, and haven’t wanted to share much on social media, especially no pictures of myself which for me is lonesome. I like interacting with people. In the spirit of Christmas, I decided to get completely dressed (minus the heels), do makeup and all, go out for a few hours, snap a few photos and make a couple of posts.

I could have taken images of me in my pajamas. I might do so later but I needed a change. You see, I realized I was in need of some serious self-care because during this pandemic I’m still putting everyone and everything else before myself(the wife/mom life is no joke). For me self-care was getting up, getting dressed, and getting out.

How about you, what is your quarantine wardrobe routine? What are you doing to keep your spirits bright? Do you find yourself dressing up with no place to go or dressing less? If it’s the latter, I encourage you to put on one of your favorite outfits, fix your hair and create your own photoshoot to share with family and friends or for your eyes only. After all, it’s not how others feel about you but how you feel about yourself that matters most. Self-care is the best care!

By the way, if you do decide to share, I’d love to see your photo so be sure to tag me here or on Instagram.

May your days be merry and bright!

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