Gratitude Day 3: Freedom

I am grateful for freedom. Freedom to breathe deeply, to inhale all that is good, refuse what does not feed my soul, benefit my well-being. Freedom of expression, faith, belief, to speak my truth, remain silent. Freedom to love. Freedom to like or dislike, to agree or disagree. Freedom to imagine, explore, create, grow, sink my feet in the sand, walk on water, dance in the rain, sing on rooftops, shout in caves, hear the sound of my voice echoing loudly. Freedom to be tired, to take time for me. Freedom from guilt. Freedom from fear and judgment, being accepted or acceptable. Freedom to be exceptional, international, accepting, encompassing, broken. Free to lick vanilla ice cream from a cone in the dead of winter. Speak my peace, let the chips fall where they may. Free to go skinny dipping in daylight, wear yoga pants, slides, a sports bra or no bra, baseball cap or head-wrap to the grocery store, if I so choose. Freedom to be human, super freaking, human-hero, wife and mommy powers. Freedom to respect, uplift and reject. Freedom to celebrate, to acknowledge the pain, disappointment, injustice. Free to remember, to forget, to forgive, to resist, to live. I am free, free to render every gift from within, to hold back, to cry violently, to rejoice profusely, to release, observe with watchful eyes, be unapologetically me. Freedom to simply be. I do not conform. I am free in my mind. Free I shall forever be. I am grateful for freedom. Watch me fly.

Writing Prompt: Name some things that make you feel free. List your physical, emotional, spiritual, social, financial…freedoms.

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