Gratitude Day 17: Joy

“When we light another’s way we light our own as well.”

This quote surrounded by white lights sits at a house in my neighborhood during the Christmas holiday. I shared before how I love to laugh, I love to be happy. Who doesn’t want to be happy?  I don’t know anyone who doesn’t.

Outside things cannot fulfill you. Oft times, it does the exact opposite. Trying to please people or depend on them and things to make you feel better is the biggest lie ever told. Joy and happiness is an inside job? It’s true. 

I am ecstatic to be in a place of joy right now. Not that there aren’t things in this world, in life that cause heartbreak but in general I smile more than frown.  There is so much to be grateful for. I want my joy to be infectious.

I’ve been in a place of sorrow before. I know what it is to not want to get out of bed and face the day ahead. To smile on the outside crying silent tears. When you come from underneath a dim cloud, you appreciate the sunshine a little more, a little differently.

Sometimes things or people will come to try to steal your joy, rob you of what makes your heart rejoice but don’t let them.  Maintain.  That is my goal and holiday wish for you.

Writing Prompt: “When we light another’s way we light our own as well.”

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